Surfing in a club is the way to meet other enthusiasts, to go surfing to several, to be part of a family. Can take advice from the best, discuss travels, sessions, enjoy the intergenerational and be an integral part of the events organized by the club. By joining the 29 HOOD surfclub, you defend the interests of surfing and freedom of practice because the more we are, the stronger we are.

You can enjoy training sessions throughout the year on the beach of Pors Carn but also on the spots of the Bay of Audierne and south Finistère during the big swells of winter.

You will have access to the club house (leave your board, shower etc.), you will benefit from a promotional discount with our partners.


– To feed and develop associative life in Bigouden country by gathering, federating surfers (all supports, all levels combined) and more generally the people of the nautical environment.

– Organize festive and convivial events and contests.

– Enable more people to discover the joys of surfing (the youngest, the city dwellers)

– Allow licensees a year-round supervision

– Create a team 29 HOOD and promote high level riders

Finally, you will be able to participate in the training of sports executives, in particular on the judgment to be able to be part of the judges panel at the sporting events organized by the clubs.

These 3 guys know each other well, they’ve been surfing together for a long time. They forged strong ties in good times and in the galleys during the many trips they shared. They also have a high level sporting record (Thomas Vice Champion of Europe, Alan Champion of France, Ian 4 World Champion. They are able to provide a surf course in English. They live in Brittany and have traveled all around the world to surf the best waves in the world. Today, they’re happy to open this page which will certainly benefit the enthusiasts of the sea and surf. All 29 surfclub monitors hold BP JEPS Surf (Professional Patent for Youth, Popular Education and Sport), BNSSA (National Patent for Safety and Water Rescue) and PSE1 Degree). Each instructor is able to supervise a maximum of 8 students.
Ian Fontaine s’ajoute a cette équipe occasionnellement à l’équipe en organisant des stages de coaching intensif aux meilleurs surfeurs du club (4 championat du monde junior).

Chaque moniteur 29 HOOD est habilité à encadrer un maximum de 8 élèves .


29hood surf school has plenty of different types of boards to offer you, your size needs, and your level of surfing. From the board that will allow you to take your first whitewater wave to the one that will allow you to push your limits in terms of radically on the wave, we have everything you need!


On offer, we have soft boards made by SOFTECH for the first surfing sensations. Very secure and easy to carry, this type of board is the best way to learn how to have fun in the surf. We also have Bic surfboards for intermediate surfers. Finally, for the advanced surfers we have a whole range of resin surfboards from shortboard to longboard.


Pride bodyboards is a well known name within the sport. They sponsor the world champion Pierre Louis Costes. These boards will allow you to ride your first waves with minimum risk lying on your belly, and having a lot of fun allowing you to experience your first surfing sensations.


Ari’I Nui Stand Up Paddles, soft or epoxy, come in different sizes. They will allow you to paddle a little further along the coast. We have adjustable paddles for all size requirements. On the smaller days you will even be able to try to catch a couple waves


At the very West end of France the water is barely warm, so we decided to chose 4/3 and 5/4/3 mm Xcel wetsuits to keep you warm during your sessions. They are specially designed for surf schools, so you can put them on easily and they are very comfy. We have all sizes ranging from 5 years old to XXL.


Located on the Southern part of the point of La Torche, Pors Carn bay is the ideal spot for surfing. It’s half moon shape lets the swell enter in a very particular way.

On the Northern part, the waves are bigger and more powerful. The further South the waves get smaller yet still powerful, which allow all kinds of surfers to find the types of waves they are looking for.

As it is set up, the beach is also sheltered from the wind coming from various directions depending on where you are on the beach.

The waves on the South end  are perfect for beginners. More advanced surfers will love the high tide bowls in the middle of the beach.

You will practice surfing in the nicest landscape with crystal-clear water. The beach is protected by several laws so it’s preserved and wild: there are no buildings or waste. There are also less surfers. This allows you to get more waves and it allows us to assure your safety.


Situated on the adjoining beach of the famous Torche beach, Tronoen offers an exceptional surfing experience for teenagers and adults who want to learn or improve themselves on surfing. Several kilometers of beach available to choose the perfect place to surf. The monitors will help you choose your peak to surf quietly without the crowd of La Torche


These two spots are perfect for a discovery of the activity or an improvement. The shape and special orientation of the Pors Carn Bay give the instructors many possibilities to adapt the lesson to your level. The beach of Tronoen is the beach that best receives the swell of France. In addition, the surfers will enjoy a beautiful scenery with clear and healthy water. These authentic beaches are natural protected areas belonging to the conservatory of the coast. They benefit from the Natura 2000 law which reconciles conservation of nature and socio-economic concerns. Also, this site is still preserved and therefore offers a safe practice without too many surfers which is less the case of the spot of La Torche.