Surf lessons

No matter your age, your level, or your budget, we have THE deal you need. From a single initiation session to a whole week of surfing, you will find below a solution that links performance with passion, sharing and discovery.
29hood Advice:
If you surf less than ten times a year, we advise you to take a five-day package deal and create a program with your surf instructor depending on your expectations and your skill level.
If you don’t usually practice a physical activity at least two times a week we advise you to go for 1h30 so you can spread the effort all through the lesson and use your abilities to the fullest!


The best compromise to enjoy yourself, discover the activity, progress and spread the effort through the entire week.

From 8 years and up /// All year /// All level

Example : I’m 14 YO and I want a 2h surf lesson a
each days during 5 days : 145 €

Duration: 1h30
From Monday to Friday

1 lesson – 35 €
2 lessons – 70 €
3 lessons – 100 €
4 lessons – 125 €
5 lessons – 140 €

Duration: 2h00
From Monday to Friday

1 lesson – 40 €
2 lessons – 80 €
3 lessons – 110 €
4 lessons – 130 €
5 lessons – 150 €
10 lessons – 260 €


These formulas are reserved for people who wish to surf weekly over a quarter of year

From 5 years /// All the year /// All levels

If you are interested, don’t hesitate to contact us

All prices include: :
Surf lessons with a qualified surf instructor and lifeguard.
The equipment (board, wetsuit, leash, wax)
29hood insurance

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