29 HOOD  is a hybrid word derived from Postal Code 29 which represents the Finistère area, located in the most westerly part of France, combined with the English word “hood” which according to The Urban Dictionary refers to “neighborhood”, meaning the place we live at, the place we are from, the place we belong to.

The movement was born amongst a few surfers and soon many others began embracing its values. 29 HOOD is a true family, born from a passion for surfing and developed through a love of our territory. We are passionate travelers; always ready to pack up and leave in order to surf the best waves in the world.

29 HOOD surfers do more than successfully promote local surfing through videos, surf trips and magazine covers. They also do their best to bring trophies and titles back home : Alan L’Helgoualc’h was the 1st bodyboarder from Brittany to claim the title of French Champion back in 2001. Gautier Hamon was 2nd in the Longboard Division during the French Championship of 2004. Ian Fontaine was the French Surfing Champion in 2011, and later placed 2nd in the French Cup 2014. And, Thomas Joncour came in 2nd in the European Surfing Championship 2011.

In 2012, 29 HOOD created an official Surf Club to unite its members and send a positive image of Brittany overseas, with the goal of sharing their way of life with anyone willing to try it!
The Surf Club wants to strengthen existing ties, as well as teach a generation of surfers.

So you get it : 29 HOOD is not just a Surf Club. Above all, it is a positive state of mind founded on a love for Brittany and the shared values of unity, respect, love and discovery.

Surfing is swag, but being part of a family is better

Surfing in a club is the way to meet other enthusiasts, to go surfing to several, to be part of a family.

These 3 guys know each other well, they’ve been surfing together for a long time. They forged strong links in good times and in the galleys during the many trips they shared.

Wide range of equipment, renewed every two years.
Two surf spots with complementary characteristics.

Our packages From single lesson to training over the year

You want to try surfing or improve, whatever the time you have, your age, your level or your budget, we have for you the package. Below is a solution to combine pleasure, discovery, sharing, passion and performance

Discovering the sea, others waves, discovering a new region with a strong identity, seeing unknown landscapes, practicing various activities including one in vogue: SURF.
This is what the 29 HOOD surfcamp wants to offer young people

Need to rent a surf board? A wetsuit? A SUP? A Bodyboard or a pair of fins? Next to la Torche or Porscarn…


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